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How big of an air compressor should I get to power my Tornador Tool?

A large storage tank or a high cfm compressor is the key to getting maximum benefit from the Tornador Tools. A large tank would allow you to blast around with the Tornador, then wipe clean with a rag while recharging the tank. Since large tanks are cheaper than high cfm compressors, go with the biggest tank you can find. We recommend using at least a 5cfm compressor with a 10 gallon tank at the bare minimum. A 25 to 30 gallon tank would be much better to get and require less refill time. 

Can I interchange my Foam Gun tip with my Tornador Classic or Black?

No, the Z-011 Foam Gun is a completely separate unit inside and out. The foamer tip will not attached to any of the other Tornador Tools. Also the cones will not attached to the Foam Gun. Additionally, the cones for the Classic and Black tools can only be used on the correct tool. White cones attach to the Tornador Classic and black cones attach to the Tornador Black.

What cleaner should I use in the Tornador jar and how much do I use?

You can use any neutral pH-balanced and properly diluted cleaner inside of the Tornador jars. Use only 1 to 2 ounces of product, then fill the jar with water. This dilution is about a 32:1 mix. “Green” eco-friendly all-purpose cleaners work great. Protease enzymes work ideal on tough food and other stains on carpets and seats. Remember, if your cleaner chemical is strong smelling on your nose, it most likely needs more water dilution. Tornador Tools require little chemical for them to work effectively. The cyclone action of the tool and unique patented design do most of the hard work. 

Which Tornador Tool should I buy?

Each of the Tornador Tools have a different purpose and some work by personal preference. If you are new to the Tools, then we recommend starting with the original Tornador Classic (Z-010) to get familiar with how the tools work. Then you can advance to the beefier Tornador Black (Z-020). Both Classic and Black work similar. Many have a personal preference for these tools. Try them both to see which one you like best. The Black requires less air power and is built with stainless steel ball bearings, which will last longer and is better for heavier use.

The New Velocity-Vac Attachment (ZV-200) easily attaches to the Tornador Black tool and adds a powerful vacuum (with the use of your wet/dry vac). This tool is very popular as it’s an all-in-one hand held tool for vacuuming, cleaning, and air drying. It’s causing many detailers to roll the old cumbersome and heavy extractor into the corner.

Our newest tool, the Velocity-Vac Dry (ZV-240), is a complete vacuuming unit (it doesn’t need to attach to anything). So, right out of the box, detailers are hooking up their airline and utilizing a highly effective solution for vacuuming dog hair, debris and other time-consuming dry cleaning jobs. It’s perfect for use in the body shops and express detailing situations where chemical cleaning is not needed or wanted. It utilizes the same-patented tornado-action inside the cone, which lifts dirt and debris quickly from carpet and fabric.

The Tornador Foam Gun (Z-011) will shoot foam from your favorite cleaner (again, highly diluted). It’s ideal for exterior paint, wheels, and interior mats and carpets. By adjusting the included air regulator, you can produce thin suds up to super-thick shaving cream-like foam. Detailers love the extra dwell time the foam produces; thus using the old adage of working smarter and not harder!

If you simply need a dependable and best air tool on the market, then the Tornador Air Dry Out Tool (Z-014) is for you. It does exactly what is says and uses the same whip-style and patented tornado-action that you’ll find in the Tornador Classic Tool.

For more info on each of the Tornador Tool differences, go to TORNADOR.US. Also see this video on the tool differences.

Where can I buy Tornador Tools and replacement parts?

Tornador Tools and parts are sold through our 250+ independent distributors located in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Also, many of the online car care websites sell our tools and parts. Go to and click on Find Your Distributor for help. If you still need tools or parts, then we recommend visiting They have all the tools/parts you need with great service and shipping.

How do I become a Tornador distributor?

We get many calls for people wanting to become Tornador distributors. Selling Tornador Tools is a great way to make some additional income. If you want to distribute then you already know how they practically sell themselves and the need for them in the shops. To become a distributor, visit and click on Become a Distributor. Your application will be reviewed by our team and we will get back shortly with an answer and more details. CRITERIA NOTE: You must already be established in the automotive reconditioning industry to be considered a candidate for a Tornador Distributor.


What is the difference between the Velocity-Vac and the Velocity-Vac Dry?

The ZV-200 Velocity-Vac is an attachment that connects with the Z-020 Tornador Black cleaning tool and a wet/dry vacuum. The attachment allows the tool to vacuum up loose debris and clean via the action of the rotation set and cleaner that is used in the jar. The tool can also air dry carpets and seats better than traditional methods. The Velocity-Vac is an all-in-one vacuuming, cleaning and drying tool.

The ZV-240 Velocity-Vac Dry is similar to the ZV-200 Velocity-Vac but it doesn’t have the jar for liquid cleaning. It’s also sold as a complete unit. It doesn’t need to be attached to any other tool. This tool is used for a super powerful vacuum without the need for wet cleaning. You just need your wet/dry vac and an air supply. It’s ideal for use in express car wash, detail shops and body shops. 

Is there a warranty on the Tornador Tools?

Tornador corporate (Dehn’s Innovations) offers a “90 day limited manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing & part defects.” Warranty will be voided, if it is used for anything other than the intended use of the TORNADOR® cleaning tool. Use of any products, other the Tornador® products, with or in the Tornador® cleaning tool, voids warranty.

How long have the Tornador Tools been in the market?

Tornador Tools have been sold in the market since 2007. Inventing, engineering, and testing occurred many years earlier of course. Read more about the Tornador Story on the corporate website here:


How many patents do you have on the Tornador Tools?

Tornador® Tools are covered by one of more of the following:  U.S. Patent Nos. 6,883,732; 8,480,011; 8,690,077; 9,475,071
and U.S. Patent Application Nos. 20140083467; 20150000705; 20150375272 and Taiwan Application No 103135808.


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